About the Project

The aim of this innovative project is the dialogue of human sciences with new technologies and the implementation of the idea of human sciences for development and scientific excellence through the creation of a unique interactive multimedia electronic platform for the transfer of interdisciplinary knowledge and original resources.  The platform will serve as a form of electronic repository and a broad compendium of knowledge about scenarios and visions of the role of Poland in Central & Eastern Europe in geopolitical, economic and civilisational & cultural conceptions formulated during the 20th century (with reference to the 19th century) by Polish thinkers and representatives of various branches of knowledge, some of which are forgotten. The creation of the platform will also involve the use of an innovative User Experience system – the scope of the project provides for consultations with various centres of knowledge: archives, museums, universities, libraries etc., which will make it possible to adjust the functionality of the tool precisely to the needs of the target group.

The platform will provide access to expert analyses, publications, online lessons (in e-learning format), a rich base of various source materials (including those not published or not distributed so far), as well as biographical and terminological dictionaries created particularly for the needs of the project. The platform will contain the content in Polish and in English.

This project is implemented in two stages:

– the research and inquiry stage along with related documentary, editorial and dictionary & bibliographical works of significant importance for research on national culture;
- the implementation of results of works in the innovative form of e-platform, and the popularisation of the output of the project team through scientific conferences, panels and publications (both traditional and electronic ones) in Polish and English.

The project is addressed to a broad group of representatives:

- Universities and research units, particularly those whose scope of research or educational activity encompasses the most recent history of Poland in a broader regional and continental context, historical policy and co-operation in the implementation of new technologies in science;
- Auxiliary research units and institutions supporting science/education, e.g., libraries, museums and archives;
- Social and educational circles and non-governmental institutions conducting research and educational activity with regard to the 20th-century history of Poland.

And also:

- Entrepreneurs and employees of enterprises, particularly companies from the IT sector elaborating new technologies, e.g., for the archiving of data/objects, and seeking new solutions in the digitisation of science and education and R&D processes;
- Representatives of public administration, particularly those involved in the promotion of innovations in science.


w lewo
w prawo
  • 1


    Preliminary analyses, state of research, and the elaboration of an institutional inquiry map.

  • 2


    Expert analyses along with inquiry research and the popularisation of results on the Platform: Poland Towards Eastern Neighbours (Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine) in reflections of Polish political and intellectual elites.

  • 3


    Expert analyses along with inquiry research and the popularisation of results on the Platform: Poland Towards Southern Neighbours (Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary) in reflections of Polish political and intellectual elites.

  • 4


    1st scientific conference: Forgotten ideas of prominent representatives of Polish political thought of the 20th century

  • 5


    Launching the Platform and selected electronic functionalities.

  • 6


    Experts' analyzes together with research on queries and popularization of results on the Platform: The economic role of Polish lands in the space of Central and Eastern Europe, in terms of economic concepts and considerations of Polish political and intellectual elites.

  • 7


    II scientific conference (international).

  • 8


    Preparation of summary publications, dissemination and evaluation of results.

  • Institution map

  • E-learning

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